Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Just recently I decided I needed to seriously go through all of my craft "stuff" and reorganize. First, you need to know that I have always stored my stuff away in bins that I could put in a closet (what was I thinking?!) Here are some storage tips that saved me:

1. THROW STUFF AWAY. If you've been saving things for over 6 months to a year for some crafty purpose and you haven't used it yet, PITCH IT!

2. Put your supplies on shelves! Not bins. It's easy access (that's what she said), and really cute. Surround your supplies with pictures, books, and make it YOUR space.

3. Find cute, inexpensive containers to organize. (Orange basket = .99 at Target for embroidery thread, pink catty for pain brushes and glues = $1.99 Hobby Lobby, Liberty of London storage boxes = $6.99-8.99 at Target). Helloooo adorable.

4. No shelves? Make them. Use an old book shelf or get the cheap-o ones you can mount on the wall. Go to Goodwill. Unfortunately, being thrifty takes a little more effort.
Fill your shelves with cuteness.

Make space where you think you don't have any :) I obviously still have the problem of not cleaning up after myself.... must work on that.

So here's the deal....

Kate & I have been complete blogging slackers. We were talking last night (which was awesome) and we decided to both make art journals and share our ideas with you. We were considering taking Elsie & Rachel's online art journal class, but thought $60 was a bit steep ~~ no offense E & R! (just in case they read our blog, which I'm SO SURE they have it bookmarked!!) Hopefully we share some creative ideas for you (that are a little more cost efficient!!)

My (J) book will be for myself and my fiancee Nile. I have all this STUFF and pictures and nowhere to put them ~~ so here is my cover:

I just used vintage letter tags and stitched buttons on (You can get hundreds of buttons for $5, memory book or $10, and any letters for $2-4... or make your own!!!). Recommendation: come up with an alternate way to adhere buttons. The thick cardboard cover was torture trying to get embroidery needles through (they were the only needles I had). However, it's super cute! I'm sure there will be lots of stitching in mine!!!

Supplies I have so far: a million buttons, paper shapes, my Instax camera, paper, various ribbon, spray adhesive, various fabric squares (and fabric glue), and paint of course.

Attempting to collect inspirational ideas over Spring Break. If you have any, LET US KNOW!

KATE!! YOU'RE TURN!!!!!!!!

Have a lovely day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

As of late...

I have been....
  • eating chocolate Greek yogurt. OMG. In love
  • Joined a new gym complete with an awesome Zumba class. Yes, I wear this exact outfit hahahaha. Just kiddddding. But seriously...awesome gym with Zumba and dance classes and running. Yesterday morning, Caitlin and I went to a kickboxing class. It was really intense and we had to pretend that we were fighting off enemies, but we will definitely go back again!!
  • I went to a cabin party....in a legit cabin! I obviously dressed up in a flannel shirt, boots and a big belt buckle. Remember when I spent the night at a cabin...that didn't have a bathroom, only an outhouse?! I seriously have some of the best co-workers ever!
  • I made friends with another dog.
  • I spend a majority of my time wearing ghetto nerd glasses and cuddling Caitlin Koch.
  • I spent a day in the city with my friend from home, Dan. We walked around Central Park observing signs of glaciers, identifying rocks and went to a Muse concert at MSG...o yea...
  • ...and went to the freakin most amazing museum exhibit ever! YES I did buy an Abraham Lincoln finger puppet magnet (to match my Ben Franklin one!)
  • On top of it all, it's PI DAY!!!!! Check out the awesome Google logo for today.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I used to blog...

Sorry for the little blog break. My mom aka MARE was visiting me this entire past week :) I loved having her as my wifey haha. She helped me out with my apartment and cooking and LAUNDRY and she even came in to talk to my kids about Chinese New Year and make them fried rice....and she helped me last weekend with some bulletin boards!!

These past 2 weeks have been crazy...we're getting closer and closer to PSSAs so school stuff is hectic. Also, I love the winter Olympics so much...too bad I am too tired to watch any of the events that I like (mostly figure skating!!)
I have been making canvases J.Cooper style though...
This week includes (but is not limited to...) lots of lesson planning, lots of grading, an introduction to air and the atmosphere using the Chris Brown & Jordin Sparks song "No Air", cute tights, more painting, a visit from my old BBW friend, and counting down the days until my next trip to NY!! Love you, byeeee

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Love Love Love Love

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Favorite Valentine Cookies

Happy Valentine's Day!

Honestly, I do love holidays where love is important (like it should be EVERY day) and you buy your girlfriends/boyfriends/husbands/wives goodies, but my favorite thing about Valentine's Day is cookies. Not kidding.

These Monster Cookies are my FAVORITE ~ oats, peanut butter, chocolate, you can't go wrong! Use pink, red, & white M&M's instead of regular and you have instant VDay cookies.
Next up for holiday foods: Cadbury Mini-Eggs/Creme Eggs. Heaven. Must find a cookie to put them in. Love, J

Friday, February 12, 2010

Reasons I could never work at home...

Raise your hand if you are mad at me for complaining about having THREE snow days in a row...followed by a 3 day weekend.

Because if I wasn't me, I would be so pissed at me!!

That being said, I have a approx.. 2.5 hours until I get picked up and PRAY that I make it to the Lancaster train station on time to get home to NY for the weekend :)

These past three days, I have come up with an extensive list of why I should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER try and get a job where I work at home...

1) I am the most unproductive, unmotivated person ever when I don't have the structure of a bell schedule. True Life marathons and facebook stalking are SO much more appealing that re-planning lessons and grading practice PSSA constructed responses.

2) Probably because of the above distractions, my apartment looks like a MESS.

3) I drink way, way, too much coffee.

4) I expect everyone in the world to engage with me in text message conversations...even though they are clearly working

5) I spend too much time finding bacon related presents for Jess & Caitlin

6) I host too many of my own photobooth photo shoots

7) I repaint my nails 4-5 times in a 3 day period.

8) I read NAIL POLISH BLOGS!!! Who the heckkkkk does that?? Obviously someone who is snowed in.

9) I tweet 10-50 times A DAY!! No one cares about my life that much. It's true.

Enjoy your Chinese New Year/Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend (aka my 3 favorite holidays EVER!!)

Love you, byeee

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things to do....

So this past weekend I got snowed in with Em and Caitlin...starting Friday afternoon until Saturday evening we got over 2 feet of snow....

Caitlin, Em and I spent the weekend watching Big Bang Theory, playing with make-up, and even convinced Nick to come over for a little (luring him over with some free pizza. duh)

Tuesday afternoon it started snowing again...and didn't stop until tonight. We now have over 3.5 FEET of snow. Ugh. I do NOT live in Ohio anymore...but it kinda feels like it. On top of the 2 hour delay we had on Monday, today and tomorrow are snow days...still waiting to hear about Friday. Apparently it never snows this much so obviously, York, PA is not prepared for 2 (technically 3) blizzards in a week.

I know I shouldn't be complaining about days off as Jess never even gets delays (except for today!!) but with the PSSA (PA state tests) a little over a month away, I need my kids in school as much as possible...also, I am supposed to go home this weekend for CHINESE NEW YEAR!! If, for some reason, I am stuck here, I am going to be sooooo MAD!

Anyway, Caitlin's roommate is possibly going to come pick me up tomorrow so I'm not stuck in my apartment all alone, going crazy. Stay warm :)

It's about time!!

So I am the worst blogger ever...it's weird...I have no problem blogging about random frivolity (like new nail polish colors and cute new shoes and funny you tube videos), but when it comes to blogging about IMPORTANT things, I get really overwhelmed and think I will do a horrible job expressing myself and that everyone will hate me...that being said the reason I have been MIA for like EVER is I know I should write something about how ECSTATIC I am about Jess and Nile getting engaged, but every time I start a post, I get like performance anxiety and can't find the words to express the sheer joy and happiness I feel for them!!

That being said, the phone call I got from J.Coop that Friday afternoon, while I was getting ready to leave school, was one of my favorite phone calls I have ever gotten from anyone (except maybe the phone call I will get tonight about a snow day again tomorrow??) I may or may not have done ALL of the following when Jess told me the news:
a) fist pumped
b) screamed
c) squealed
d) jumped up and down
e) fist pumped some more

I am truly SO happy for Jess & Nile and know that they will have an amazingly happy life together...and J.Coop will make an amazingly beautiful bride!!

ALSO, J.COOP, I have an engagement card to send you guys but I am waiting for a pretty awesome engagement gift to arrive in the mail before I send it off. Don't think I forgot about you guys :)

LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Expect some of my famous frivolity-laden posts later today :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love/Hate Week

Things I've loved this week:
1. Going to a science teacher conference today & tomorrow instead of going to school and receiving a free rock & mineral kit. (boo-yah!)

2. My fiance dressing up like a dinosaur in public.
3. Writing 'Congratulations' to ourselves for getting engaged in Arabic.
4. Designing Barbie clothes.
5. THIS NAIL POLISH! I painted my nails with "Power Plum" on Sunday and they STILL look freshly painted - no chips!! And it was super cheap too, I think less than $3 at Target.
6. I am planning to go to Upland, IN to get a Jacob Cooper fill. He just recently returned from Ecuador & I can't wait to hear about all the awesome stuff he's done there :)
Things I have NOT loved this week:

1. Tuesday. It was the first time this year I sat at my desk at the end of the day saying to myself "I'm not cut out for this." Also, I did NOT love our finance meeting where we were informed of all the many ways our school corporation is going to cut spending in the next couple months.

2. This horribly depressing movie
3. This notification on weather.com right now for tomorrow & Saturday, thus inhibiting me from seeing my brother. BOO! I also double hate snow now because my school district refuses to delay.

Here's the good thing: The things I LOVE outweigh the things I do not love. My momma challenged me to notice the little blessings in my life on a daily basis. I've learned that when you consciously LOOK for the blessings in your life, you realize how blessed you REALLY ARE!
Much love, J

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blog #2

I (Jessica) and my new fiance Nile have created our own blog called Our Side of Paradise. Please visit!!

This was created for a number of reasons:
1. Nile was jealous that he didn't have a blog to contribute to ;)
2. I wanted to have all of our memories together in one place
3. I wouldn't litter our 'Jess and Kate' blog with romantic mush all the time
4. I love blogging, so it gives me more to do :)

This does not mean, in any way, that I will not be contributing to our 'Jess and Kate' blog anymore. This just means I'll be blogging LESS about Nile on here and MORE about myself (I know everyone is SO happy about that!)

Things making me happy today:
PJs Day!
The sun was shining
Talking with my hands so that anyone who looks at my face also looks at the beautiful ring on my finger :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


More details to come (and possibly a new jess/nile blog) :)
I'm the happiest/most blessed girl in the world.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interesting day

Today I miss MGDUBS a lot. And I mean everyone. Not just everyone present in this classy pic.

So today was quite an interesting day. This afternoon, we were informed that our school was under lockdown. We were told it was some sort of shooting... apparently there was a standoff between the police and some homicide suspect. We ended up having to stay with the kids until 5pm. Not really all that fun...not to mention kind of threw off my planning and prep after school. Check out the riveting story here.

3 years ago, when I went to Eastern University, I signed up to be a bone marrow donor. They said they needed people who were Asian. I filled out my paper work and swabbed my cheeks and kind of forgot about it. Today when I checked my voicemail at lunch, I had a message from Be The Match. They found that I am a 6/6 match (I honestly have no idea what that means) for an 11 year old girl with a chromosomal abnormality that is somehow similar to leukemia. I have to eat lunch with my kids every other day so I planned on calling back after school. Before the day was over, I had 2 more voicemail messages asking me to call back. I got another teacher to watch my kids for a little during the lockdown and called to get more info. I am getting a prescreening blood test on Wednesday & have a bunch of paperwork to fill out this week. I am praying that I am a match for this little girl...even though I have to get a huge needle stuck in my pelvis if I am. At first, I was legit really scared, but now I will be so disappointed if I am not a match for her. Please, please pray that this all works out!!

Now, I am finishing up lessons & watching my main man O-Baby deliver a little State of the Union...
"The best antipoverty program around is a world class education"

Oh O-baby, I do love you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ever since I can remember I've been poppin my collar

So this morning I was super optimistic. I wore a big bow headband. Yesterday was the best day I've had in a long, long time...
Then I took weird photo booth pics cause I had extra time this morning (weirdddd). I was one of the first people at school this morning. I made some delicious coffee.

Then I proceeded to have the worst day of my life. UGHHH seriously??! I don't know what's going on...


We've been talking a lot about Haiti. We recently finished an earthquake unit and a lot of my kids are from the Dominican Republic, so it's obviously been a hot discussion topic in science class.
Caitlin and I run a club where the kids make crafts for different organizations. For the past 2 weeks we have been making braided bracelets with red and blue beads on it (Haiti's colors) and selling them for a dollar.
We sell out of them everyday!! As of now, we have raised over $150 for the American Red Cross. So proud of my kids :)

PS Are you in love with my PEACE canvas on my wall from Pottery Barn?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

hello love.

For the 3rd time this school year, they are reconfiguring the 6th grade classes...which means I will have 3 out of my 6 classes (my homeroom included) all mixed up...which is the reason I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow. I am spending today cleaning and reorganizing my apartment and cooking dinner for Caitlin, Nick and me. I am also spending a good part of the day lusting over....

THIS freakin beautiful skirt. Go to the link and look at the detailed waistband. Front and back. I seriously thought about how much I love Banana Republic at least 4 times this week. I need this skirt in black and gray...so perfect for work!!

OMG I know
these boots are hideous...but I love them for some reason. Odds of me actually purchasing them? Very low...but still they are cute...in an ugly/weird sort of way!! Weird picture...but I got this awesome red strapless dress at Target for $9.98. It was from the holiday line, but it was 75% off. I also got the same dress in a black brocade fabric. I am so in love!!
Ok, love you, byeeee!
P.S. Project for the day (besides grading PSSA constructed responses)? Turning my WHITE Christmas tree into a Valentines/Chinese New Year tree!! Mare said I had to do it...for the blog!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Remember this?

I dunno about you, but this Little Golden Book holds a place near & dear to my heart ~ I couldn't resist!!! :) This along with an instant Polaroid camera for $3 ~ too bad the film is being sold on amazon/ebay for over $30 per pack of 10.

Happy Monday/MLK Day/Kate get back to York safely please!!

blogging one handed

on the train on the way to penn station. not super excited to get back to York, but with the short week I think i will survive. goodbye NY, it's been real

In no particular order

Happy MLK day, babies!!

Incase you don't stalk me on FB or spend my time in my life, I would like to share with you the most amazing thing EVER said to me in my class.

During homebase/morning meeting with my SIXTH graders, we were talking about why we have Monday off...
Me: "Does anyone know what Martin Luther King, Jr. did?"
Student: "He died for our sins!!"
Me: "Are you sure that was Martin Luther King, Jr.??!"
Student: "YEPPPPP!"

Haha seriously, how great?!

Anyway just a few links:

These amazing & free computer/iphone backgrounds!
These super healthy and super easy breakfast cookies. I just made one...with maybe a few chocolate chips and some PB. SO delicious
I'm taking the train back to York this afternoon. Today will be spent shopping with Mare and packing to go!! Ok, LOVE YOU BYE!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jess' Current Loves...

Talking to momma Cooper on the phone for over an hour today. Much needed.

Twitter. Seriously. How has Twitter NOT been a bigger part of my life before now?

My brother Jake. He is in Ecuador spreading joy and awesomeness to so many :)
My boyfriend Nile. Best friend, best laughs, best love I've ever had.

Last, but definitely not least: 3 DAYS WEEKENDS!!!! Another day off tomorrow & I couldn't be more thrilled!!!!!