Saturday, October 31, 2009

One Year!!

This was the longest, most stressful week ever....ending in my classroom and the carpeted hallway outside my room smelling like PUKE all day yesterday. AWESOME.

but it's okay
this weekend (HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!)
is Kate Bing & Jessica Cooper's 1 YEAR FRIEND-VERSARY!!
(ok I mean I got the idea for a Friend-Versary because 2 of my 6th graders celebrated their 7 year Friend-Versary during homeroom but whatever)

Last Halloween weekend, J.Coop and I fell in love.
We went out for 2 nights in BG...I somehow convinced J.Coop to NOT stay home and clean her apartment (using the line "You can clean your apartment NEXT year"...which is pretty funny because my 1/2 nap yesterday evening resulted in me waking up 12 hours later...oops missed whatever was going on last night)And then we went to Indianapolis, became BFF even though we were both ridiculous and decided to move there. Except I didn't and now I live in the middle of nowhere PA. Whatever we even had coordinating costumes. SO CUTE

And now, for a mini trip down memory lane......look how happy we are together!!

(my students saw this picture and were convinced that I had a sister!!)

Anyway, Happy One Year, J.Coop!! I misssssss you so much....please don't forget about me while you're living the life in Indy!! Love you!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

These streets will make you feel brand new....

Yankees v. Phillies game 1 tonight!!
I miss living in New York/civilization so much...especially at times like this!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

a few things

  1. This Giants game is killing me.
  2. My air mattress officially died today. Oops...too bad my regular mattress isn't being delivered until November 14th.
  3. School dance on Wednesday. haha. WHAT?
  4. I had an amazing weekend with Em.
  5. I tried to find the Big Dipper tonight. I couldn't. I am the worst science teacher ever.
  6. I think my laptop is dying. Ughh. I don't even want to think about it!!
  7. Love you, byeeee!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Why is this movie NOT playing anywhere near me?? 

I NEED to see this movie!! 
I also need to stop having the flu so I can go back to work!! 
Love, Kate

Monday, October 19, 2009

lust list

In celebration of me NOT having swine flu (and just having the regular flu), as well as accidently taking regular tylenol and NOT Tylenol PM as planned, so that I could actually get a decent 4 hours of sleep tonight, I present to you, a list of things I am currently lusting over/hoping a rich secret reader will purchase and send to my apartment:

1) THIS fabulous Elsie calender:
2) THIS new Mitch Albom book. I haven't had time to read in forever and a short but wonderful Mitch Albom book always gets me motivated again :) 
3) THESE awesome Salt and Pepper Shakers! I mean I don't use salt, I rarely use pepper, and my kitchen table is currently in my living room, but whatever...they are WHALES!! 
4) I can't even handle how much I love THIS Kate Spade bracelet. I'm dyingggg.
5) Ok, THIS one too. Seriously. So perfect! 
6) I am so in love with this THIS bookcase (found via Jocelyn). I need to find a way to obtain it.
7) THESE boots. I'm dyinggggg. Seriously I can think of 25 different outfits for these boots like off the top of my head.
Ok, I'm done. Loveyoubyeeee! 

Saturday, October 17, 2009


umm I'm like 95% sure I have the swine flu. Now I have to go to my dance recital like thisss. Grossss I hate my lifeeee.
Love, Kate

Friday, October 16, 2009


Sometimes, when life gets tough, stressful, & overwhelming, I have to remember my purpose here and recall all of the blessings in my life. How is it so easy to sometimes fall into focusing on the little things that bother you instead of the BIG things that make you smile daily?

Kate (I miss you) has inspired me to be a better blogger also (and to carry a camera everywhere I go again!) There is a lot happening here in my Indianapolis life that I haven't been documenting! (Shame, shame!)

First, I'm loving Fall. Fall means peppermint mocha is easily obtainable, apple orchards, cardigans (even though I wear them in the summer), the holidays around the corner, pumpkin carving, football, snuggling, pretty decorations, and hoodies. Even though I dislike winter after January 1st VERY much, I truly enjoy the seasonal changes!

School has been going well and very very busy. As the year progresses, I find myself committing to more and more at school (which turns my 10 hour work day into a 13-15 hour work day). The cool thing is, the time flies because I love it -- just not enough hours in a day!! Fall Break (4 day weekend) next weekend :)

Weekend plans: Buying a bed (finally!!), making buffalo chicken dip, going to Upland to see Jakey play football, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, church, and hanging out with Nile.
Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I loveeee you!

well, now that it is officially fall, and I have vowed to be a better bloggggger, I thought I would share with you a few things I am currently enjoying.

#1 um NAIL POLISH. Legit. Love the new Essie fall colors. I am currently wearing a purple color called Plumski with a matte finish. I mean sure they chip pretty much the second I walk into school, but I'm currently obsessed.
#2 These boots from Target....actually boots in general. Wear them to work and wear them in real life (usually with cute knee socks sticking out from the top). I love, love, love boots and these are a great, affordable my students say "MISSSSS you wearin those cowboy boots today!!" 
#3 PLATE TECTONICS!! Ok...I love plate tectonics SO much...and I think we are finally ready to move on from the "Nature of Science and Technology" unit my poor kids have been struggling their way through...not that rocks and minerals are interesting to anyone but me...
#4 This weekend I am going home to NY! I can't wait to see friends and fam and NANA who is staying at my house....I plan on drinking lots of coffee at my favorite coffee place, cuddling Mare, and packing my car full of books and boots and berets.
#5 Hello, this needs to be my life motto:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello, October

Seriously. How long has it been since I've updated bloggggy? Like at least a month. AT LEAST. And now a quick/not so quick overview of my life since August.
Lots of wearing matching engraved BFF necklaces from the York Fair to match out students!! 
Like legit wearing them all day/everyday.
ALSO, wearing a beret. It's that time of year again.
Umm lots of cupid shuffling and posing for Asian inspired photos.
Spending lots and lots of time with Em to make up for being apart last year. And by spending a lot of time together, I mean spending a lot of money together.
York Fair take II. Legit I can't even describe it. It's so country/so ghetto all at the same time.
Kev and Hil got married...and danced together...
...and the whole fam looked beautiful...
...especially ME BAHAHAHA...
...and they are super in love....
...and Chris and I are brother and sister sweethearts (typical)...
...I marched in an education parade (excuse the photo...the only one I had with no students' faces in it)...and sang a song about our school to the tune of the YMCA for at least an hour straight...
...I wanted to win this tie at the fair...because it obv matched my MGDUBS tshirt...
...Caitlin is so good at I-GOT-IT! Jealous!! ...
...I've been to quite a few Sunday afternoon football games to see my babies play...
...I've sang a lot of karaoke....
... sometimes our students see us outside a bar at 2am...not big deal...
...umm I found a dog I'm not terrified of! Actually a dog I'm in love with and enjoy hanging out with and making her aluminum foil clothes...
...wait more shopping? I think sooooo....
Not Pictured: Lesson planning, rewriting my textbooks so my kids can read them, spending all weekend at school, grading 135 papers a day, spending my entire paycheck on experiments and school supplies, my fabulous students that I seriously can't imagine life without, going to a synchronized swimming show to see one of my babies, my creepy old neighbor who stalks me, the 35 empty coffee cups in my car & of course MISSING J.COOP!!!!