Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today I am grateful for....
Amazing tan suede peep-toe pumps from the Banana Republic Outlet, for an amazing price!! Seriously...I want to wear these every single day of my life....
...GOOD FRIENDS!! This picture reminds me of when I had noooo friends and MGDUBS let me be friends with themmmm! 
...finding THIS cd while I was packing for PA! Arguably the BEST Britney Spears CD of all time. Seriously. Go buy it right now.

Ok, that's all! Lots of packing today to get ready for the big move tomorrow. Love you!! 

P.S. Everyone harass J.Coop and make her put up pics of her new apt!! 
P.P.S. Rumor has it that the J.Crew catalog that just came out is like East of Eden themed!! WHAT??! Why do I not get the J.Crew catalog in the mail at home?? Someone find it please and confirm this rumor!! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Moving Day!!

It's moving day!! I officially am full of excitement and nerves and cannot sleep at all. Thank God for Conan and Jimmy!! I am officially moving from my house in Lima to the big city of Indianapolis.

There are very few things in life that I hate and I think I can officially say that I hate packing and moving. I cannot wait until approximately 3pm tomorrow when I arrive to my new home and can begin setting up my life.

These are the things that have been getting me through this big move:

Billy J
F. Scott/Re-reading Gatsby for the 3rd time this year
Shopping for new apartment stuff I can't afford


P.S. Praying for Kate to get this job & move to Indy with me after all...

Friday, July 24, 2009

In case you didn't know...

.... I (Jessica) (Kate wishes) am a pool chemical specialist. Not kidding. I have a plaque and everything. I have been testing people's pool water for a summer job for over 6 years and am darn good at it. So, if you ever have a pool problem, I am definitely your woman. My day obviously consists of testing pool water, pretending to be busy, playing with toys....

...and taking obnoxious pictures with my friend J-Rod.
Today, this cute old man came in to have his water tested and brought his pool water in an old pickle jar. The funny thing is, the jar still had bits of pickles in it!!!! That MIGHT affect the accuracy of his water test just a little.... I laughed until I was crying. I'm sure nobody else thinks it's funny, bahaha but I think I laugh more than I work at this place :) Love it. Not gonna lie, excited to be a REAL LIFE TEACHER, but I'm pretty sad to leave my guys at the store. Love them.

Tomorrow's plans:
1. Organize all my stuff & pack pack pack
2. My good friend Becca is stopping by with her new baby Sophie!! Can't wait to love on her!! (Becca, obviously, not the baby)

3. Party all day with my amazing mother.
4. Lay out
5. Figure out a way to get rid of all the nerves/anxiety about this big exciting move I'm getting ready to make.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

let's talk reading

...because that is obviously my favorite thing to do! 
As of right now, I have only read 4 books this summer...which is kind of depressing, but I have to keep reminding myself that East of Eden was a 600 page undertaking! I am also in the process of reading:
Joy in the Morning by Betty Smith
A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway (seriously I could have finished this book months ago...if I could actually find it!)
The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck 
Crazy Love by Francis Chan

What are you reading?? 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today I give my SINCERE THANKS to everyone that made my 25th birthday super awesome.


Mo, who always needs a few "secs" & never leaves home without her trusty Cosmo Mag...
Em-J, who has perfected the karate chop & doesn't judge me for buying by the gallon....
Lynne, who wears a bow made of napkin so beautifully in her hair....
These 2 wonderful people for always putting up with me (wink), loving me no matter what, and always making sure I have a special cake and the birthday sign hanging up every single year.

My favorite couple, to whom I started tearing up to as I professed my love for them after they took their time to come out and tell me happy birthday. I really love you guys.
And finally, this crazy/awesome dude that drove all the way from my soon-to-be home (Indy) to hang out with a bunch of crazy girls for my birthday & give me the best CD ever!!
And thank you to everyone that called, texted, facebook messaged, etc to wish my a happy one! I adore you all & am so grateful.
I am so ridiculously blessed with amazing people in my life.

Bingy (aka love of my life)
Brother Bear (RIP Mohawk)
B.W. (aka Kim aka Creature)

Bowling Green wasn't the same without you :(

I'm coming up to lots of big changes in my life and I'm super excited for the adventure that is just around the corner...

"To live, to struggle, to be in love with life - in love with all life holds, joyful or sorrowful - is fulfillment. The fullness of life is open to all of us"
[Betty Smith]

P.S. If you haven't read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by the above author, you haven't lived.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Jess Cooper! 

Dear Jessica Cooper,
Happy, happy, happy 25th birthday! Thank you for being such an amazing friend and for always being there for me! I am sorry I can't be with you today....if I could possibly be in Ohio, you know we would be eating a Wattamelon roll in celebration! Don't forget about meeeeeee I love you! 
Love, Kate Bing

Thursday, July 16, 2009

favorite, favorite

Just a few blogs I am obsessed with right now:
  1. Elise Blaha : Lots of cool pictures and projects and paper!!
  2. Elsie: I don't even think this needs to be explained. Awesome art and lots of side headbands!! 
  3. Amy Tangerine : First of all, I love pretty Asians, second she makes the cutest shirts and cutest scrapbooks! 
  4. Bakerella : Ok seriously, every time I look at this blog, I feel the need to bake EVERYTHING on it! Awesome photographs too! 
  5. Financial Services is Not Fashion: Probably one of my favorite fashion blogs...I like to read it and pretend that I have money to buy clothes! 
  6. Amy Lapi: Amy is awesome. She makes awesome art and writes great posts! 
  7. Jocelyn: Great photos, interesting posts and the cutest family ever!! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2 posts in one day??!

Tomorrow Tara is coming to visit meeeee! She is flying in from Ohio and coming with us to Hilary's bridal shower honor of her arrival, I decided to dedicate a post to Tara and the things that we do together:
We take awesome photobooth pictures together, America's Next Top Model Style:
We wear twinny skinny jeans:
We hang out in the city with Mare: 
We look really pretty together and wear cute clothes to martini:
We get in trouble at Malone for being loud: 
We go to jaillll: 
We hang out with our other BFF:
We go ice skating in Rockefeller Plaza:
We go and see Hairspray staring Ashley Parker Angel on Broadway:
We go to HOG HEAVEN:
We host a radio show in the middle of the night:
We eat real Philly Cheesesteaks:
Me ride the burro in front of Rincon: 
We eat Hummus: 
Yayyyy!  I can't wait to seeeee Tare Bear! 

things to do when you don't have a job (installment #1)

What do you do when you have no job, it's finally sunny out and all of your friends are working (what's work???)...go to the beach by yourself of course! (P.S. I took this pic just for the blog and tried my very hardest to look as internet-appropriate as possible haha)Essentials include: Spray on sunscreen, beach towel, Camelback (duh! to stay hydrated!), ipod, and at least two books. 

Wants vs. Needs

I Want...

To go shopping for cool furniture & decor for new apartment.

To go to Cedar Point.

A Poloroid camera.

To read every single one of these books.


I Need...

To start planning my school year.

To finish the 3 books I'm currently reading.

To start packing.

To go shopping with her (and yes, this is a need).

Excited for a fun birthday weekend with the people I adore the most

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Take me home country roads...

Hiii! Just spent a fantastic weekend with the best family in the world. These are my cousins... there are 9 of us and I am the oldest. We obviously have no idea what fun is. And the baby doesn't have pants on. Typical.
On Saturday was the annual Cooper Reunion. They brought shirts for the little kids to make and the 3 oldest grandchildren ended up making them instead.
(Please notice Jacob Cooper's not on purpose mistake) I wore mine over my floral dress all day, it looked really really hot as you can see.
My cousin Tyler, who is in High School, was wayyy too cool to make a shirt, however he had the BIGGEST fan club at the Community Days parade. We completely embarrassed the poor kid. Love him.
Here is part of the Cooper clan waiting for candy to be thrown at them from the parade. I obviously jumped out into the street during the parade to take this picture.

Best float in the parade: The Hillbilly Clan from Wheeling, WV. A few had their teeth.

And bagpipes are ALWAYS a must.
So, after dark, we decided to check out Community Days downtown. Community Days is what Follansbee waits for ALL YEAR and it's basically a bunch of Italian vendors selling homemade pizza and Italian sausage and other foods I can't spell -- and games and entertainment. Only the FINEST of Follansbee comes out for this event (see picture below).
My cousin Drew was fascinated by chicken on a stick as we were entertained by this Italian guy with big hair that thought he was Mr. T.
Only the classiest license plates in WV.
I spent a lot of time listening to these on my Grandma's old record player, it was pretty darn awesome.
So, I have this ADORABLE cousin. His name is Cooper (and no, it's not Cooper Cooper...). He is my dad's sister's son -- so he has a different last name. Cooper Cooper would be pretty awesome though, don't you think? Maybe not.
And my brother is VERY good at handling children.
Overall, it was a wonderful weekend -- good family, great weather, homemade pizza, singing, dancing, the usual. My family is crazy but I love every second of being with them.

..... Moving to Indy in T-Minus 16 days.....