Thursday, April 30, 2009

And the winners are....

First of all, I LOVE these people (plus a few more that weren't in the office at this time) and believe it or not, I LOVE this office (but only when these great people are in it!!)
It was such a great day with so many Martha Gesling Weber supporters, including our personal favorites Fountas & Pinnell. 
A few VERY deserving people won some awards today!

The Martha Gesling Weber Graduate Student of the year:

Emily Jones
(The newest member of the facebook community)
Best Project of the Year Award:

Lynne Koerner
(Project that Dr. Berta is SO interested in right now) 

Thesis of the Year Award:

Tami Eckhart
(Thesis study on Swine Flu)


Monday, April 27, 2009

Most Flattering Pictures of the Year

I know it's time for an update -- So I thought I'd share some of the most horrible/wonderful/most flattering pictures of the 2008 - 2009 year. There are many special guests within this post.
Obviously throwing up the Martha Gesling Webser gang sign.
Thinking about how much trouble throwing up the MGDubbs gang sign could be... 
Special Guest #1: Budda man from Nate & Wally's
Special Guest #2: MO with the best face ever. 

So very little eye contact
Special Guest #3: Jacob Cooper & Traffic Director
Special Guest #4: BD
"Let's take a picture that looks like Betsy's head is coming out of Kate's mouth!!" 
Such a great idea.
Special Guesta #4&5: Raphael & Eli Manning

Special Guest #6: Future IRA President
Very VERY special guest #7
NOTE: The above picture may or may not have been staged.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just wanted to give a SHOUT OUT to the Martha Gesling Weber reading center GA's!! BEST OF LUCK at the job fair tomorrow!!! You are all wonderful!!

However, if we do not all get jobs, I decided we can just open an MGDubbs salon or bakery. Or both -- get a hair trim while eating a bagel -- best idea ever :)

Need some help preparing? I found this great link to prepare you for teacher interviews!! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another installment...

and now another installment in "Photos of Kate Being Scared of Pets" 
Lynne's dog Hemi is seriously bigger than a horse. Most children I teach (in MIDDLE SCHOOL) are smaller than Hemi. Chris Bing was smaller than Hemi up until like last year! 

That being said, here is a picture of the REAL Larry his element...aka riding his yellow Cannondale listening to the Temptations on his old school ipod shuffle! 

 K and J

Monday, April 20, 2009


So our parents love our blog. My dad REALLY loves our blog. He wanted a shout out :) Instead, I decided to play a game called "Guess Who the Real Larry Bing Is"







No joke...leave a comment with the number picture you think corresponds with my papa, AKA THE ONE AND ONLY LARE BEAR!! 

Top 16 Things to Do in Indianapolis

Obviously J.Coops wrote the last like 4 posts about our trip to Indianapolis (which you could probably tell anyway because there were no references to the Real Housewives of NY). Basically, because I have different pictures than her, I was going to go edit the last 4 posts, add more pics and my own commentary. That is too difficult. Instead I am making my own post called "Top 16 Things to Do in Indianapolis!!"...because honestly, what do you have to do besides stare at pictures of us all day!! 

in no particular order
by Kate Bing

#1 Read a book on the steps of a monument/ record your interview for Lan Li's class!!
#2 Wear a ridiculous flower in your hair. In public. All day. (or really just look really cute with your BFF and make grandiose plans for your future life in Indianapolis...)
#3 Get mustard all over your face at an Indianapolis Indians game.
#4 Eat a hot dog at said Indians game. Except we don't have a picture of that.........

#5 Point to a sign while wearing a sweater that is longer than your skirt.
#6 Refer to Benjamin Harrison so many times that people start hating you/ get really jealous of you because you know so much about old Benji!! 

#7 Pose for a picture on Benjamin Harrison's porch...because you love him that much and plan on marrying him when you get to heaven.
#8 Try and figure out WHY someone would paint this picture, WHY it was appropriate to hang up in a child's room and HOW I can obtain a print to hang in my next apartment.
#9 Bestow my Chinese culture on J.Coop and teach her how to eat with chopsticks!! I was so proud of her....she was seriously a natural...SUCH an Asian Treasure!! 
#10 Eat a piece of undercooked shrimp. My baddddd.

#11 Love life because it is SO warm and SO beautiful out!! 
#11 Line up all of your toiletry items on a towel for easy viewing/access. HAHA so J. Coop asked me if I did this. Seriously?? Have you seen my life?? It was obviously the cleaning lady!
#12 Wear professional attire to a job interview
#13 Hide in a fake plant instead of going to your job interview
#14 If you name is Jessica D. Cooper, experience Dunkin Donuts coffee for the first time...and LOVE it!!!

#15 Get a Lassie from Probsty in public.

#16 Drink as much fountain Diet Dr. Pepper as humanly possible

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Indy Adventure Take 4: Downtown!

There is this huge and beautiful monument downtown that shows its respects to different soldiers from Indiana that fought in major wars and battles.... It's huge & this picture does NOT do it justice. 
While downtown, we did a little shopping, a little walking, and a little touristing while asking other people to take pictures of us. During the trip, KB found her life twin in the ice cream shop. You'll have to ask her about that later. 
Such a beautiful day and such a wonderful ending to our trip... can't WAIT to move there!!!

Indy Adventure Take 3: Indianapolis Indians Game

On Thursday night, we attended an Indianapolis Indians baseball game - It was really fun! The Indians won!! And other than the fact that Kate found a new boyfriend on the other team that wouldn't quit starting and nodding his head at her, she WON one of the games they play! Basically, she caught this big beach ball and won a prize pack from the Indiana lottery!!
The prize pack consisted of 10 lottery plays and the BEST part - a complete plastic sweatsuit ith a white hat advertising the Hoosier lottery!!!!!!
KB has more pictures from the game that she will probably add at some point... 


Indy Take 2: Benjamin Harrison Home

On our way to visit Benjamin Harrison's home in downtown Indy!!!!
OUR NEW FRIENDS! From left to right: old man with a train pin that has a son-in-law that is a principal and he did NOT hook us up with jobs (whatever), Kate Bing super interested in tour guide, best tour guide ever that could barely breathe and thought Kate & I were the funniest human beings on earth.
Ugliest/most beautiful/scariest chair in presidential history. It was sent from a Texan to Benny Harrison. So exciting.
Definitely the ORIGINAL copy of the Declaration of Independence! Kate put her fingerprints on it!!!! 
Overall, Ben's house was pretty awesome! Here are some fun facts about him that we learned:

  • Harrison was not only the 23rd president, but the centennial president, inaugurated 100 years after George Washington.
  • In 1875, when Harrison purchased his home, he paid $29,000 for it!!! WOAH!
  • William Henry Harrison (our 9th president) was Ben's grandfather
  • Ben was buds with Abe Lincoln! (SO JEALOUS!)
Take 3 and Take 4 to come...

 K and J

Indy Adventure Take 1

Hiiii everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We sure did!! Our Indianapolis adventure started on a rainy Wednesday as we stopped at Chily's to pick up some road trip snacks. We couldn't agree upon who would carry the snacks, so we shared...
Indy skyline.... on a BEAUTIFUL DAY!
We loved this.... just another beautiful addition to the beautiful day...
Dinner was Joe's Crab Shack and Kate Bing ate crab legs for the FIRST TIME! Also, she had a STEAMPOT of food that was all delicious and I (Jess) was super jealous... 
She also got to wear the BEST BIB EVER and use TOOLS!!! 
Much MUCH more to come...