Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's about time!!

So I am the worst blogger's weird...I have no problem blogging about random frivolity (like new nail polish colors and cute new shoes and funny you tube videos), but when it comes to blogging about IMPORTANT things, I get really overwhelmed and think I will do a horrible job expressing myself and that everyone will hate me...that being said the reason I have been MIA for like EVER is I know I should write something about how ECSTATIC I am about Jess and Nile getting engaged, but every time I start a post, I get like performance anxiety and can't find the words to express the sheer joy and happiness I feel for them!!

That being said, the phone call I got from J.Coop that Friday afternoon, while I was getting ready to leave school, was one of my favorite phone calls I have ever gotten from anyone (except maybe the phone call I will get tonight about a snow day again tomorrow??) I may or may not have done ALL of the following when Jess told me the news:
a) fist pumped
b) screamed
c) squealed
d) jumped up and down
e) fist pumped some more

I am truly SO happy for Jess & Nile and know that they will have an amazingly happy life together...and J.Coop will make an amazingly beautiful bride!!

ALSO, J.COOP, I have an engagement card to send you guys but I am waiting for a pretty awesome engagement gift to arrive in the mail before I send it off. Don't think I forgot about you guys :)

LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Expect some of my famous frivolity-laden posts later today :)

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  1. THANK GOD YOU POSTED!!! I was getting worried you didn't like bloggy anymore. I miss you so much friend :) Thanks for being so sweet! Love you!