Sunday, September 27, 2009


Congratulations to Kev and Hil! Most beautiful wedding...EVER! I promise a real update with lots and lots and lots of pictures once my life slows down...just a little ;)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In love with love...

Just wanted to share a couple amazing pics from the Shak/Romero wedding :) Holy moly, I love them! The one in the super smokin' car was NOT planned. Andy jumped out of the limo to ask the owner if they could take this picture in it. Cool, huh?



Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend in Review..

....Minus pictures.... We took zero pictures this weekend (what?!) I'm sorry :(

Friday: MY FIRST PAY DAY! HALLELUJAH! Dinner at GT South (mmm pork), Crackers Comedy Club (Nile won ticks!). We saw some great stand-ups and sat right at the stage. This was my first time ever at a comedy club - very very cool!

Saturday: Lunch at QDoba (reminds me of those late nights after class in BG), first time experiencing the Greenwork Park Mall - bought some sunglasses @ ALDO, a dress at Ann Taylor, and tried on this most beautiful polka-dotted dress that I am in love with but could never afford.

No H & M though, little disappointing.
Saturday night we went to Oranje - a music & arts festival that took place in an old, abandoned warehouse downtown. Lots of art, prints, and music. There were all types of musicians, unique artists, jewelry (Nile bought me some, yay!), and fashion.

Sunday - Cleaning, sleeping, grading, and grocery shopping. Can you believe we only have 10 days of September left?! The weather has been awesome! I love Fall! Looking forward to hot apple ciders at Starbucks!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kings Island Adventure

Happy almost Friday!!! Just wanted to share some pictures from my Kings Island adventure last weekend! What a fun day!

On this rollercoaster, you lay on your back and it flips you so it seems like you are flying, aka COMPLETELY TERRIFYING! I was so shaken up, I had to take a break before riding another one.
The carousel was wonderful, as always (sorry about the bra action)
This is my FAVORITE pic - after riding Scooby's Haunted House (in kiddie land), we had to get this pic :) So great!
Nile loves living in a pineapple under the sea!
This guy was the first one we saw when we got into Kings Island! What a great start!
The day was beautiful and perfect for all the fun we had!

What a fun day :) I hadn't been to Kinds Island for YEARS, so nice to go back!!

OH! Also, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs comes out TOMORROW!!!!!! In IMAX!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm still alive. Barely. 

This has been the most difficult/amazing month of my life.

Real update sometime soon when my life isn't so out of control. 

Monday, September 14, 2009

Shak/Romero Wedding

On September 5, 2009, two of my dearest friends, Andy & Becky got married in Columbus, Ohio and it was simply amazing.

Top 10 happiest of the wedding day:

10. Riding in a stretch hummer singing Lady Gaga at the top of our lungs.

9. Seeing my beautiful momma bear :)
8. Getting kicked out of the park while taking the photographs. The park ranger was a real jerk on a power trip. "I appreciate what you're doing here [taking wedding pictures], but your hummer is blocking traffic." There were 3 people in the park. Thanks buddy.

7. My super hot date :)
6. The choreographed dance that Andy & Becky did - so cute :)

5. Doing the 'lawn mower' for our bridal party entrance - even though maybe we should have done the fork in the garbage disposal (right, MGDUbs?!) :)

4. Starring at this amazing woman in her amazing dress all evening.
3. Seeing all my friends from high school & laughing and crying at all the amazing times we've had together.

2. Nile catching the garter (NOT KIDDING) & my mom taking a double shot of whisky immediately following.

Just kidding :)

1. Seeing Becky more happy than ever and knowing that her and Andy are going to have an amazing life together. Love you!!

P.S. I really miss Kate and wish I knew what was going on in her life! Translation: I'd love for her to give us an update on her life, wouldn't you?? :)

The day in the life of a 7th grader....

Some things I've learned about being a teacher of 7th graders:

- The girls are giddy & giggly one day, then super sad, depressed and suddenly on their period the next. It's amazing how OPEN girls are about their monthly visitor!!
- The boys are 100 times more immature than I EVER remember. For example:
Miss Cooper: How did Science effect your life this weekend?
Male Student: My dog took a big dump in my neighbors yard and the neighbor called the cops.
- Always be careful when typing things out on your projector (i.e. don't accidentally type 'sexonds' instead of 'seconds') ahhh, true story, they won't let me live it down.
-They absolutely HATE you one second then absolutely LOVE you the next
- They insert 'lol', 'omg', and 'idk' on their assignments on a regular basis.
- They think it's the coolest thing when you start singing 'I Gotta Feeling' by the Black Eyed Peas.
- They love Michael Jackson, New Kids on the Block, Journey, AC/DC, and Chicago (are you KIDDING ME?!)
-They are loud, hilarious, obnoxious, darling, sweet, crazy, hormonal, sleepy, hyper, and extremely exhausted ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

I love my job :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009



Pitt vs. Tennessee tonight!!

I am more than confident that my Steelers will outrun, outscore, and outplay the Titans.
No doubt.

My game face:


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hey, it's Jess!
No time or pictures uploaded yet from my weekend adventures, but wanted to share these things today:

a. Happy Belated Labor Day!
b. I was talking about my weekend to one of my classes today and one of the students said "Wow Miss Cooper, your life is full of adventure!" This made me so happy.
c. Elsie's 2010 Planner kit is AMAZING.
d. Kate's shoes/legs are awesome, huh??
e. Less than 1 month until Bowling Green Homecoming
f. Have a FANTASTIC 4 day week!!
g. Tomorrow = school, then wings & going to see the new Tim Burton flick with my man (yess!!)

Blogs to come from me: Jake's butt-kicking of Anderson, Shak/Romero Wedding, Labor Day Food, Review of Tim Burton's movie '9'

Friday, September 4, 2009


What's blogging??? Because I apparently don't remember.

Things going on as of late

#1 I'm exhausted. I leave for work at 6:35 every morning...and usually get back at 6:35 every evening.
But I love it.

#2 I also love new shoes:

#3 My camera broke...but I finally got a memory card for my spare digital camera until I can afford a new one...which will be in like 5 years.

#4 Less than a month until Kevin and Hil's wedding in Michigan!! I can't wait!! 

#5 So many BBQs this weekend, so little time.

#6 Working at a charter school means that I get/have to do things like go to parent open house events on Saturday morning...or ride the public bus to make sure my students don't assault any neighborhood adults.

#7 These past few weeks I've learned a lot about poverty...not meaning I'm poor...meaning what poverty looks children are affected by it...and on how little money families live on...and how it effects a student's performance.

#8 I'm also learning a lot about how important flexibility is.

#9 And how little Spanish I actually learned in my 5 years of instruction

#10 And how awesome team teaching is

#11 And how easy it is to fall in love with 130 crazy 6th graders

#12 And how much I miss my friends. I miss Ohio...not the state, just the people in it.

#13 And how much I miss my brothers!! 

#14 And how happy I am to have such amazing friends in York, PA.

#15 And how happy I am to be able to tell stories like these: 
After giving out instructions for a science activity:
 "Does anyone have any questions?" 
"Miss, is Tupac dead?


After seeing a photo of my dad and me:
"Miss, that your dad? He works at the Chinese buffet, right?"
"No, he lives in NY. He works at a bank"
"Nahhh Miss, he works at the Chinese buffet. I seen him there!!"