Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Just recently I decided I needed to seriously go through all of my craft "stuff" and reorganize. First, you need to know that I have always stored my stuff away in bins that I could put in a closet (what was I thinking?!) Here are some storage tips that saved me:

1. THROW STUFF AWAY. If you've been saving things for over 6 months to a year for some crafty purpose and you haven't used it yet, PITCH IT!

2. Put your supplies on shelves! Not bins. It's easy access (that's what she said), and really cute. Surround your supplies with pictures, books, and make it YOUR space.

3. Find cute, inexpensive containers to organize. (Orange basket = .99 at Target for embroidery thread, pink catty for pain brushes and glues = $1.99 Hobby Lobby, Liberty of London storage boxes = $6.99-8.99 at Target). Helloooo adorable.

4. No shelves? Make them. Use an old book shelf or get the cheap-o ones you can mount on the wall. Go to Goodwill. Unfortunately, being thrifty takes a little more effort.
Fill your shelves with cuteness.

Make space where you think you don't have any :) I obviously still have the problem of not cleaning up after myself.... must work on that.

So here's the deal....

Kate & I have been complete blogging slackers. We were talking last night (which was awesome) and we decided to both make art journals and share our ideas with you. We were considering taking Elsie & Rachel's online art journal class, but thought $60 was a bit steep ~~ no offense E & R! (just in case they read our blog, which I'm SO SURE they have it bookmarked!!) Hopefully we share some creative ideas for you (that are a little more cost efficient!!)

My (J) book will be for myself and my fiancee Nile. I have all this STUFF and pictures and nowhere to put them ~~ so here is my cover:

I just used vintage letter tags and stitched buttons on (You can get hundreds of buttons for $5, memory book or $10, and any letters for $2-4... or make your own!!!). Recommendation: come up with an alternate way to adhere buttons. The thick cardboard cover was torture trying to get embroidery needles through (they were the only needles I had). However, it's super cute! I'm sure there will be lots of stitching in mine!!!

Supplies I have so far: a million buttons, paper shapes, my Instax camera, paper, various ribbon, spray adhesive, various fabric squares (and fabric glue), and paint of course.

Attempting to collect inspirational ideas over Spring Break. If you have any, LET US KNOW!

KATE!! YOU'RE TURN!!!!!!!!

Have a lovely day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

As of late...

I have been....
  • eating chocolate Greek yogurt. OMG. In love
  • Joined a new gym complete with an awesome Zumba class. Yes, I wear this exact outfit hahahaha. Just kiddddding. But seriously...awesome gym with Zumba and dance classes and running. Yesterday morning, Caitlin and I went to a kickboxing class. It was really intense and we had to pretend that we were fighting off enemies, but we will definitely go back again!!
  • I went to a cabin party....in a legit cabin! I obviously dressed up in a flannel shirt, boots and a big belt buckle. Remember when I spent the night at a cabin...that didn't have a bathroom, only an outhouse?! I seriously have some of the best co-workers ever!
  • I made friends with another dog.
  • I spend a majority of my time wearing ghetto nerd glasses and cuddling Caitlin Koch.
  • I spent a day in the city with my friend from home, Dan. We walked around Central Park observing signs of glaciers, identifying rocks and went to a Muse concert at MSG...o yea...
  • ...and went to the freakin most amazing museum exhibit ever! YES I did buy an Abraham Lincoln finger puppet magnet (to match my Ben Franklin one!)
  • On top of it all, it's PI DAY!!!!! Check out the awesome Google logo for today.