Thursday, December 31, 2009

I said...

....that I was going to blog EVERY day over break! Kate has been doing SO AWESOME and me, not so much!!! Still trying to get caught up with life from being away from Indy for a week ~~ went shopping and bought these awesome boots yesterday for 60% off downtown:

I need to post some pictures of my new/old vintage pyrex I got for Christmas & some other cool stuff... I WILL SOON!

Today is NEW YEARS EVE!! Nile & I have reservations at Amalifi that supposedly has awesome Italian food! I'm excited :) Our first New Years together will be full of games, champagne, and a little Dick Clark action. I wonder what 2010 will hold for all of us??
Where were you a year ago from right now? I was getting ready to head back to BG for our last semester of Grad School (aka Fostoria, Little Critter, baggy pants literacy, and THESIS crunch time). Crazy how time goes, huh?


P.S. How cute is this pic of Bill & Debi Cooper? :) I love them ~ they made this Christmas so special for us (once again!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is that a weaveeeeee

Tonight I went to a Christmas party my church threw for teenage girls in a foster home. OMG I had the best was like being at school but I got to just hang out with the girls and not have to actually teach/discipline them. One of the girls wanted to braid my hair...I obviously let her.
Are you jealous??


Last night I saw the movie Invictus with my parents. OK anyone who knows me knows that I have been obsessed with Nelson Mandela for pretty much EVER. Like who loves Nelson? Just me?

Anyway, it was an awesome movie and I highly recommend it. As Em described it, "so much triumph of the human spirit"! Also, I always forget that I actually like Matt Damon until I see him in a movie. Go see it. ASAP. Ok love you byeeee, K

Monday, December 28, 2009

Take Me Home Country Roads (Christmas Edition)

Just returned from a GREAT visit with the fam in good ole' West Virginia. Our visit was full of joy, laughing, and a wide array of goodness, such as:

Hats that are not meant for men that have larger-than-normal sized heads

Ridiculously hideous/awesome teacher sweaters,

Extraordinarily tight tie-dye t-shirts,
and screened t-shirts featuring the best youtube video out there.

More to come.... Love, J
P.S. KB! I want a copy of that print you created! LOVE!!

Wedding sneak peek!!

The photographer from Kev & Hil's wedding e-mailed this picture to them. Seriously beautiful. I love it!! I can't wait for them to move back to NY :)

I can't stop posting...

Tonight my mom and I watched Julie&Julia (super cute-- way better than the book!) and made some pretty things out of paper...

This needs to be my 2010 motto. I am making this as a print to hang in my apt. And I am making notecards.

I love hand-cut letters.

I also love beating my family in Scrabble 2-3 times a night.

Love you, Kate

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Gift Edition

Just a few of my lovely Christmas gifts. SO blessed to have such amazing people in my life :)
I LOVE travel mugs and "K" monograms and pink/green color combo
beautiful key chain because I am an adult now and carrying around an old beat up BGSU lanyard doesn't quite cut it anymore
Some amazing Capote & Steinbeck & other awesome books I can't wait to find time for...also the winter collection of Essie nail polish!
Umm a PTouch Label Maker. Larry Bing is the best Santa!!
Awesome Tiff's bow earrings. I have been wearing these since I opened them Christmas morning and I am so in love.
AND I used a gift card from my Uncle to Best Buy to get the new Motorola Droid phone. Seriously I never knew I could love a piece of technology so much:
Look at that MGDUBS background

How much do I love text messages logged as conversations? This has been my dream for like ever. How much do I NOT love text messages from Jacob Cooper making fun of the Giants.

Chris and I bought this awesome Christmas outfit for Mare's fat cattttt:
Today was church and manis and pedis with Mare, craft time and Julie & Julia. Love you byeeee, Kate

Christmas Day Recap

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! Enjoy a random mix of photos, Bing Family styleeee...

Larry Bing and his bike riding fleece hood
Nothing beat Christmas Twister. I obviously won!!

Scrabble=Bing family obsession. I have won almost every single game...probably because the spirit of J.Coop is with me!!
Christmas dinner...which included wine...weirdddd...
Christmas tree #2
Oooo a little napski on a way too little couch
The angel of Christmas
SO awesome!!
Taking out the garbage in boots and shorts...bahahaha
O heyyyyyy
Mmm the best type of Christmas gift...besides baby Jesus
Best way to recycle a Christmas gift bag

A series of Christmas posts

Christmas Eve was a mix of church, the Gathmanns (how did I forget to take pics??!) and....
lots of homemade cookies... time...
Red and Black LUMBERJACK (with the hat to match)
and GRAMPY!!! Look how flyyyyy his sweater is! I love my fam :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Now the dudes are lining up

cause they hear we got swaggggga

oooo heyyyy

just a test post on my new Motorola Droid phone! hope you all had a merry Christmas! love you byyyyeee, Kate

Friday, December 25, 2009



The Cooper Christmas Eve party was a HUGE success... I by FAR had TOO much fun...
Wish I would have taken more pictures last night!!

Santa made it to the Cooper household and neither myself, Jake, or Nile got coal :)


I am SO thankful for my family, my loving boyfriend, my job, and all the wonderful people in my life. I am DOUBLE thankful to Cadbury for making the BEST CANDY EVER that only comes out at Easter INTO CHRISTMAS CANDY! (This one's for you Bingy!)
Heading to Follansbee, WV tomorrow to celebrate Christmas with the extended family! Hope you are all having a magical Christmas!!!