Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So here's the deal....

Kate & I have been complete blogging slackers. We were talking last night (which was awesome) and we decided to both make art journals and share our ideas with you. We were considering taking Elsie & Rachel's online art journal class, but thought $60 was a bit steep ~~ no offense E & R! (just in case they read our blog, which I'm SO SURE they have it bookmarked!!) Hopefully we share some creative ideas for you (that are a little more cost efficient!!)

My (J) book will be for myself and my fiancee Nile. I have all this STUFF and pictures and nowhere to put them ~~ so here is my cover:

I just used vintage letter tags and stitched buttons on (You can get hundreds of buttons for $5, memory book or $10, and any letters for $2-4... or make your own!!!). Recommendation: come up with an alternate way to adhere buttons. The thick cardboard cover was torture trying to get embroidery needles through (they were the only needles I had). However, it's super cute! I'm sure there will be lots of stitching in mine!!!

Supplies I have so far: a million buttons, paper shapes, my Instax camera, paper, various ribbon, spray adhesive, various fabric squares (and fabric glue), and paint of course.

Attempting to collect inspirational ideas over Spring Break. If you have any, LET US KNOW!

KATE!! YOU'RE TURN!!!!!!!!

Have a lovely day!


  1. So inspired to start scrapbooking again. Shoot. I have no $ for this and no where in my room to put everything hahaha but you two are so crafty!

  2. I know it can get expensive Em.... I'm going to try to use inexpensive things around the house as much as possible (fabric scraps, buttons, embroidery thread, old ticket stubs & programs, chalk, paint, book pages & magazines, etc). To me, the most expensive part is buying the book and the glue/adhesives to use. I like the art journal idea more than "scrapbooking" ~~ for some reason, when I think scrapbooking, I automatically think $$$$$$$$!! I'm really REALLY bad at scrapbooking because of how organized it is. My journal will be a semi-mess :) My biggest fear is going back to school next week and letting this get away from me...