Friday, February 12, 2010

Reasons I could never work at home...

Raise your hand if you are mad at me for complaining about having THREE snow days in a row...followed by a 3 day weekend.

Because if I wasn't me, I would be so pissed at me!!

That being said, I have a approx.. 2.5 hours until I get picked up and PRAY that I make it to the Lancaster train station on time to get home to NY for the weekend :)

These past three days, I have come up with an extensive list of why I should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER try and get a job where I work at home...

1) I am the most unproductive, unmotivated person ever when I don't have the structure of a bell schedule. True Life marathons and facebook stalking are SO much more appealing that re-planning lessons and grading practice PSSA constructed responses.

2) Probably because of the above distractions, my apartment looks like a MESS.

3) I drink way, way, too much coffee.

4) I expect everyone in the world to engage with me in text message conversations...even though they are clearly working

5) I spend too much time finding bacon related presents for Jess & Caitlin

6) I host too many of my own photobooth photo shoots

7) I repaint my nails 4-5 times in a 3 day period.

8) I read NAIL POLISH BLOGS!!! Who the heckkkkk does that?? Obviously someone who is snowed in.

9) I tweet 10-50 times A DAY!! No one cares about my life that much. It's true.

Enjoy your Chinese New Year/Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend (aka my 3 favorite holidays EVER!!)

Love you, byeee

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